S.MAR.T Sales include:

  • Audit of sales funnel
  • Integration of Google Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, Webmasters
  • Basic SEO and SMM optimization
  • Cold calling lead generation.
  • Call center B-SHARKS
  • Creation of selling texts (5 texts),
  • cold calling script (script 3)
  • Training for Sales Department
  • Checking the efficiency of website/ creation Landing page
  • Optimization E-mail Marketing
  • Integration of CRM System

We guarantee that the results of the completion of the integration of these services you will have at least 100 hot customers (leads).

«S.MAR.T» Sales

«BUSINESS SHARKS» - an international business developer, has developed a unique technology for the development and promotion of your own business by increasing sales. We - one of the best companies in the CIS market, our employees have extensive experience in the areas of marketing, investment management, administration and development of sales (including via Internet). Based on the experience and success of the projects, we have created a smart and cost-effective solution that is guaranteed to expanding sales channels, and also generate a significant number of potential customers for your business. B-SHARKS are always responsible for the quality of their services!


We offer you a service package «S.MAR.T» - Sales Maximizer Technology, which will help increase your sales. We will help you to identify and neutralize the weaknesses in the system of sales, namely:

- Audit of sales funnel and analyze its weaknesses;

- The integration of contextual advertising will help attract more customers;

- Selling texts implementation will help to create more value to your product (goods);

- Special sales training for your sales department different types of sales techniques;

- Analysis of your website usability and productivity, possible to create Landing page;

- Integration of nominal E-mail delivery;

- Hold a lead generation through cold calls;

- Integrate the system of interaction of sales and control clients (CRM).


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